Free Shipping

FREE Shipping

With Tried & True Cabinets you can get FREE shipping in 24 hours on all-wood cabinets!

If you have chosen a wood species, a door style, and have a list of cabinets that you would like us to price out, please EMAIL or FAX all of that information to us, along with your zip code and a contact number, and we will get back to you with a Net Delivered Price.

We provide Professional FREE Kitchen Design Assistance!

Therefore, if you don’t yet have a cabinets list, but you have chosen a wood species & door style, perhaps you would like to EMAIL or FAX that info to us, along with your kitchen measurements.

These measurements should specify the length of the walls and the placement and sizes of the doors, windows & appliances. We would then be pleased to submit back to you a price quote & 3D Color Design Renderings of your new kitchen.